About Us

Julivi company is a developer of software for apparel design and planning sewing production. The company is one of the leaders in the market of information technologies since the 1980s. JULIVI software package, which is developed and supplied by the Julivi company, includes components of the Computer-Aided Design system for apparel design (Apparel CAD).

Software can be supplied with peripheral equipment of any type.

We are constantly monitoring the market of plotters, digitizers, cutting systems and offer our customers the most profitable equipment (in terms of price, quality and functionality).

CAD Design Software

"Apparel Constructor" is a set of software for preparing apparel construction in sewing production, modeling, technical grading of patterns in all apparel sizes; "Apparel Designer" module is a part of software for the constructor and allows creation patterns from scratch; "Pattern Marker" is a software for laying out patterns in an overlay, it includes the "Automatic Marker" module which lays out patterns automatically. "Measurement Table" is software for composing measurement tables of a sewing production finished item; "Duplication Scheme" is software for processing duplication scheme for item materials; "Archiver" is software for inputting paper and cardboard patterns in the system; "Converter" is software for converting information from various apparel CAD software to the JULIVI system, as well as from the JULIVI system to the DXF file format. "Optimizer of ISO Files" is software which optimizes pattern cutting for automated cutting complexes; "Managing a Plotter" is software for outputting pieces and pattern layouts for drafting by plotter, as well as sending layouts processed in the module "Pattern Marker" to the automated cutting complex as ISO-file layouts. "3D Apparel Designer" is software that allows to work with patterns on a 3D-mannequin, check the quality of the construction, make changes in patterns, pick up decorative elements, different textures and color.

JULIVI CAD meets the latest qualifying standards for both mass and individual garment production.

Using software for apparel design speeds up operations by 5-6 times, when using software for making markers efficiency of fabric cutting increases by 10 times.