Apparel Designer

Main Features (standard software package)

1. Making a construction design

  • With visual programming technology, you can make constructions of any complexity: you perform usual operations (put points, make lines etc.) and the system records their sequence of actions as a construction algorithm which can be easily corrected if necessary.

2. Increasing allowances for seam processing and final hem processing

  • The software lets you make allowances for seam processing (around all pieces or on separate pieces) with constant or variable seam width, taking into account seam and hem processing methods.

3. Automatic grading

  • Construction designs can be made on basis of measurement databases for their grading in sizes, heights, widths etc, according to industrial and state standards. You can fill in databases yourself or purchase ready ones with the software.

4. Making constructions for an individual figure 

5. Sending garment designs or ready patterns to print

  • You can output on plotter and send to printer separate patterns, garment designs, their pieces, pattern groups etc. on scale and in natural size; if patterns do not suit the printer paper size, they are divided into pieces.

Option features:

1. Styling set of functions

  • lets you get a model construction from a base one and make derivative patterns on basis of main ones

2. Measurement base

  • made on basis of the latest industrial standards for all age groups.

3. A set of ready base and model constructions

  • The software package includes more than 50 base constructions made according to different methods, including Muller’s method, for underwear, uniform, cotton wear, bags, gloves and headwear. Additionally, you can purchase model constructions made by our designers.

4. HPGL filing for garment designs and ready patterns

  • can be used to make them on plotters at other factories

5. Pattern export to DXF format

  • lets you send information on patterns to other factories or other producers’ CAD

6. Input of basic lines or pattern contours with digitizer