Usage of the "Archiver" software

Input of finished (paper, cardboard) apparel pieces and (or) separate lines with the help of digitizer, with the purpose of their further use in the "Design" software, "Apparel Constructor" or pattern layout in the "Marker" software.

Range of Application

As an auxiliary software of the Julivi soft hardware complex.
As a part of CAD systems from other producers to allow entering information with the help of digitizers of various types.

Functional Capabilities of the "Archiver" software

Entering Apparel Patterns Pieces

  • The software allows to enter a fully formed pattern, which does not require additional processing, taking into account all processing elements (cut, finished view, grainline, inner contours, gashes, spots for pinholes and undercuts, etc.).

Entering Graded Nest (gradation) of Apparel Patterns

  • Graded nest (gradation) of patterns can be entered at once of size-by-size with further processing in the "Apparel constructor" software.

Entering Patterns (or graded nest of patterns) of Apparel with Dimensions Larger than Dimensions of a Digitizer

  • In this case a pattern can be entered in sections.

Entering Separate Lines

  • Lines or sections of patters can be entered in the "Design" software to be used for constructing drafts of apparel.

Output of Information in Format ANSI AAMA 292 ASCII DXF

  • Only autonomous version of the software has such an option; this version can operate as a part of apparel design systems from other producers.