Fashion Design Software 2D 3D CAD

Apparel Constructor for apparel construction and design as well as pattern grading.

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apparel CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software integrated with apparel CAD software.

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apparel CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.

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Our software can be supplied with any peripheral equipment.

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Apparel Constructor

Apparel Constructor

Has been developed for construction of patterns for apparel. It lets you construct apparel from creation of a base, or standard design to production startup, which also includes grading, styling, making derivative patterns (linings, fusings etc.).

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Apparel Designer

With visual programming technology, you can make constructions of any complexity: you perform usual operations (put points, make lines etc.) and the system records their sequence of actions as a construction algorithm which can be easily corrected if necessary.

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Apparel Designer
Pattern Marker

Fashion Design Software 2D 3D CAD.


Converter for data conversion from different apparel CADs to JULIVI system.

3D Apparel Designer

3D Apparel Designer: 3D mannequin lets you check construction quality, make any pattern changes, choose decorations, textures and colours.

Measurement Table

Measurement Table Maker for making measurement tables for ready garments and patterns.

Duplication Scheme

Compatibility with any other CAD formats;.


Archiver for input of paper and cardboard patterns into the system.

Optimizer of ISO Files

ISO file Optimizer for optimization of pattern cutting on automatic cutting equipment.

Managing a Plotter

Plotter Manager for output of patterns and laying outs to plotter for their detailed representation and cutting on automatic equipment.

Fashion Design Software

with JULIVI, you can prepare all types of technical documents needed for production; pattern specifications, measurement tables, fusing schemes, model descriptions, confectioner data, technical production sequence, cutting plans, fabric consumption by fabric style or ready garments, fabric marking, irrational remains list, route charts, individual calculation of piecework earnings, cost price of ready garments etc.


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