Managing a Plotter

Usage of the "Managing a Plotter" software

Drafting layouts, formed in the "Marker" software by using a plotter. Forming ISO-files and sending them to an automatic cutting complex. Creating pattern diagrams for drafting them on a plotter. Drafting diagrams of constructor patterns, created in the "Design", "Apparel Constructor" and "Marker" software. Processing and managing draft queue.

Range of Application of the "Managing a Plotter" software

As an auxiliary software of the JULIVI soft hardware complex.
As a part of CAD systems from other producers to provide an option for information output to various types of plotters.

Managing a Plotter - Functionality

Sending Layout to Plotter

A user can conduct preliminary preview of a layout, selected for drafting, as well as determine its basic parameters (length, width, lay type, composition, description). A queue is formed from selected layouts. Basic operations for managing a queue are supported: adding to a queue, deleting from a queue, changing an order of layout drafting, pausing and resuming drafting.

Creating Pattern Pieces Scheme for Drafting on a plotter

The software allows to prepare tasks for drafting. For this, separate patterns pieces or their graded nests (gradations) can be displayed, taking into account requirements for drafting all elements, which form a pattern (seams, sights, pinholes, cut lines, grainlines, titles, text, additional contours).

Drafting Pattern Schemes on a Plotter

An option to send to draft tasks, formed in the "Design" and "Apparel Constructor - Maestro" software, is available.

Forming ISO-files

ISO-files, meant to manage automatic cutting machines, are formed on the basis of ready pattern pieces layouts.

Forming a Report about Plotter Operations

A report about plotter operations can be formed automatically. Such report contains information about drafted pattern layouts (length of pen's drawing stroke - ink usage, layout area, paper usage, drafting time) during a current day, or during a selected time interval.

Forming HPGL files

There is an option to form HPGL-files, meant for drafting on plotters (including ones located at different sewing enterprises), on the basis of ready pattern layouts.