Optimizer of ISO Files

Usage of the "Optimizer of ISO Files" software

  • Viewing and editing HPGL and ISO files.

Range of Application of the "Optimizer of ISO Files" software

  • As an auxiliary software of the Julivi soft hardware complex.
  • As a part of CAD systems from other producers.

Optimizer of ISO Files - Functionality

Viewing Layout Files in ISO and HPGL Formats

  • The software automatically determines a format of a file being opened. Layout parameters are displayed on the screen (format, name, length, width and scale coefficient of measurements). It is possible to preview: points of pattern construction; knife movement on a cutting table; lines of blank movement of a knife; cut numbering, set in the "Marker" software; list of commands from a reference file.

Settings of Optimization Operation

  • There is an option to change scale coefficient of measurements, scale of image display, to rotate layout by 180 degrees

Editing ISO Files

  • The software allows reviewing and changing the starting point of knife entry for each detail, changing direction of pattern cutting, removing selected sections or an entire piece from a layout, changing cutting mode for symmetrical pieces.