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The complex of programs CAD Designer Software is designed to construct patterns of clothing, footwear, headgear, upholstered furniture, etc.

CAD Designer Software includes modules:

1 "CAD Design"- allows to create the patterns and the special pieces.

The program is supplied with a number of enclosed ready block patterns, which can be used for the work. Every designer is familiar to these methods developed by Müller, The Central Scientific-Research Institute for Apparel Industry, COTSHL, Unified Method Pattern Design  CMEA. Methods by Grishpan, Kudryashov, Yanchevskaya, Voronin, a number of methods for underwear, workwear, school uniform, knitted wear, bags, gloves and head-dresses.

We use body measurement databases of Russian and European sizing standards for the pattern design. They can be corrected and it is also possible to input your own body measurement database.

2 Apparel Constructor - permits to make all designer’s preparation for the production.

  • inputting patterns with digitizer;
  • pattern modifying;
  • technical grading of patterns;
  • checking of pattern seams lengths and fullness;
  • correctingof pattern
  • checking of mating of pattern components;
  • creating of lining, interlining and accessory pieces;
  • preparing technical documents (model specification, table of measurements, fusing plan).

Video lessons on the program Apparel Constructor :

 Apparel Constructor - Program start 

Apparel Constructor - Work with a Database

 Apparel Constructor - Creation of New Model

 Apparel Constructor - Open the Model

 Apparel Constructor - Creation of New Patterns

 Apparel Constructor - Naming Pattern Pieces

 Apparel Constructor - To Load Pattern Pieces on the Screen

Apparel Constructor - Screen Operations with Patterns

Apparel Constructor - Printing the patterns


Apparel Constructor - Patterns Grading

Apparel Constructor - Pattern Construction

Apparel Constructor - Operations in the Work with the Database window

Apparel Constructor - Modeling

Apparel Constructor - End of work in the program

Apparel Constructor - Construction of Seams and Modifications

Apparel Constructor - Check of length and fit Seam Algebra

Apparel Constructor - Calling Up Patterns onto the Screen

Apparel Constructor - Calling up help HELP



Apparel Designer - Calling up help (HELP)

Apparel Designer - Working with existing construction projects

Apparel Designer - Creating a new construction project

Apparel Designer - Correcting the construction

Apparel Designer - End of work in the “Design” program

Apparel Designer - Modeling

Apparel Designer - Printing the patterns

Apparel Designer - Starting the “Design” program

Apparel Designer - Seam construction

Julivi CAD - Pices digitizing Part1

Julivi CAD - Pices digitizing Part2

Julivi CAD - Measurement Table