How to Fix a Scratched Nonstick Pan?

Nonstick pans are very popular among kitchen appliances and the main reason for this is their versatility. However, these pans also have some flaws.

As this pan has a Teflon layer construction, it tends to be somewhat brittle. So, sometimes friction with metal pots can cause them to get scratched.

In that case, you have two options. Either you can replace the scratched nonstick pan with a new scratch-proof pan or fix the previous pan. I think it would be better to fix the old pan instead of replacing it with a new one.

Now, a question will surely arrive to mind, how to fix a scratched nonstick pan? With all of you in mind, I will try to share in this article how to fix a scratched nonstick pan and how to make it long-lasting by taking care of it. So let’s get started.

How to Fix a Scratched Nonstick Pan- Step by Step Guideline

If you are worried about your scratched nonstick pan, your worries are about to end. I will now try to present to you step by step process which by following you will be able to easily repair your scratched nonstick pan.

Step 1: Wash Your Pan Perfectly

The first step in repairing a scratched nonstick pan is to clean it thoroughly. In this case, it is important to consider that you should need to use a good-quality cleaning item.

You will find good quality cleaning kits online or in any market that are designed for cleaning scratched nonstick pans.

If you can’t any good option to clean your pan then don’t need to worry. Just use soap and water to clean it. It will also as effective as using a cleaning kit.

Step 2: Dry the pan well

When the pan is well cleaned, you should dry it. But before drying it, check a twice time and make sure that there is no food particles left.

Step 3: Use Coconut Oil and Apply It

If you find that the scratches in your nonstick pan are quite deep, you can use coconut oil to reduce them. This will help reduce scratches significantly.

However, before using coconut oil, you must make sure that it is not warm; otherwise, it will start frying instead of healing the scratches.

Step 4: Heat a little over medium heat

If you want to use a nonstick cookware set most effectively, it is best to use it over medium-high heat. Now turn on your stove to medium temperature and wait patiently until it warms up. The main reason for doing this step is to understand how efficiently your pan is working after the repair.

Step 5: Wait for it to cool

After warming up your pan, check for any scratches. If you think there are no scratches, leave it to cool for a while.

Step 6: Remove the pan

Once the pan has cooled, wipe it well with a clean towel. But make sure it is cool enough before wiping it with a towel.

How to Prevent Scratching a Nonstick Pan?

This is a very common question I often face to how to prevent scratches on a nonstick pan. To put it simply, you need to take good care of your pan.

But how you can take care of a nonstick pan? Follow just a three simple ways to take care of your pan and make it last for a long time.

When cooking in a nonstick pan, refrain from using metal utensils. This is because most of the time scratches are due to contact with metal utensils. Try using wood or bamboo utensils. These are safe to use with nonstick items.

Second, never put it in the dishwasher when you clean it. Although nonstick pans are said to be dishwasher safe, they are never safe at all. So you can use a cleaning kit or soap for cleaning.

Finally, keep it on medium-high heat while cooking. Never work in high heat as it can cause nonstick damage and sometimes even scratches.

Final Thoughts

Is fixing a scratched nonstick pan a hard task to do? I don’t think it’s hard. In this article, I try to share how to fix a scratched nonstick pan.

If you can follow the steps properly that I shared in this article, you can surely repair the scratches. Also in this article, I have shared some tips that will help you to prevent scratches on your pans as well as you can make them long-lasting. Thank you all.